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ΟΠΩ History

In the Summer of 1982,

A few members who were active with the Gamma Delta Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated in Portsmouth, Virginia, discussed the idea of a Chesapeake Chapter.  The reasons for wanting a chapter were:


To give scholarships to the deserving students of Chesapeake


To participate in community services in the growing city of Chesapeake


To unite inactive Sorority members in the City of Chesapeake


In February 1983, Mrs. Perdethia Lowery, Ms. Helen Artis, and Mrs. Margaret Fulton-Brown talked more about the idea and decided to seek information from Mrs. Barbara Davis, the Mid-Atlantic Regional Director. It was decided that Mrs. Lowery have a meeting at her home and invite several members, which included Ms. Helen Artis, Mrs. Margaret Fulton-Brown, Mrs. Dolores Eure, Mrs. Janice Mebane, Ms. Patricia Coker, and Mrs. Gertrude Porter. At this meeting, it was decided to proceed and that a letter should be sent to any current member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated interested in formulating a Chesapeake Chapter. Perdethia, Margaret, and Helen met, constantly striving to get enough members interested in making plans for an interest group.

In December 1983 a group of 30 women became the Chesapeake Pearls, an interest group of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated®. The women became general members. There was no money, no materials, etc. There was, however, faith and belief. Members went the extra mile and made contributions out of their pockets to help carry on programs. When a Sorority Sister could not pay dues or meet obligations, other sisters helped.

The program for the year included a tutorial program chaired by Mrs. Delores Eure which was held at the South Norfolk Library. Additionally, a contribution of fifty dollars was given to Oscar Smith High School for software and a Thanksgiving basket was given to a needy family. Fundraising, chaired by Mrs. Helena Dodson, included the selling of portrait certificates and a handbag sale. A quarterly pearl report which was created by Mrs. Margaret Fulton Brown was published. This publication provided useful hints  for the members' personal development. Ms. Helen Artis Chaired the Bylaws and Chapter Operations committees.


Then & Now

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